Biography of Eleanor Farjeon, Wikipedia, Education, Net Worth

Biography of Eleanor Farjeon, Wikipedia, Education, Net Worth, Eleanor Farjeon was an English author, biographer, and poet for children’s books. We can remember her from her noteworthy work the lyrics Morning Has Broken which she wrote in the year 1931 for an old Gaelic tune.  She has also written the stories of Martin Pippin which kids still love. Eleanor Farjeon was the recipient of both the Hans Christian Anderson Award and the Carnegie Medal. 

She was born in a family where his father was a novelist himself and even her two brothers were writers. They were popular for writing mysterious stories. Creativity and writing were in her blood and she proved it even better.

biography of eleanor farjeon
biography of eleanor farjeon

Biography of Eleanor Farjeon, Wikipedia, Education, Net Worth

NameEleanor Farjeon
Eleanor Farjeon Date of Birth13 February  1881
Eleanor Farjeon BirthplaceStrand, London, England
Eleanor Farjeon NationalityBritish
Eleanor Farjeon NicknameNellie
Eleanor Farjeon HometownStrand, London, England
Sun SignAquarius
Eleanor Farjeon HeightNot  Known
WeightNot Known
Eleanor Farjeon EducationHomeschooled
Eleanor Farjeon Marital StatusUnmarried
Eleanor Farjeon Boy Friend/ Girl FriendGeorge Earle Denys Blakelock
Eleanor Farjeon FamilyFather:- Benjamin Farjeon Mother: –   Maggie Siblings:-  Joseph, Herbert, and Harry Farjeon
Eleanor Farjeon SpouseNone
Eleanor Farjeon ProfessionEnglish Author of children’s stories
Eleanor Farjeon Net Worth$5 Million
Eleanor Farjeon Death5 June 1965

The Early Life of Eleanor Farjeon Wikipedia

Eleanor Farjeon was born on 13 February 1881 to Benjamin Farjeon and Maggie Farjeon.  She also had three brothers Herbert, Joseph, and Harry Farjeon. Her brothers Joseph and Herbert were also writers and her eldest brother Harry was a composer. Even her father Benjamin was a novelist.

She belonged to a literary family. Eleanor Farjeon was called Nellie by her family and relatives. She was small, had poor eyesight, and had to suffer from health issues her entire childhood. 

She was homeschooled and used to spend a lot of time in the theatric surrounded by books.  When she was just five years old her father encouraged her to write. She started imagining characters as all her life she was living close to theatrical and literary circles in London, her inspiration came from family holidays and her childhood.  

During World War II her family moved to Sussex where she entered the beautiful world of landscapes, local traditions, and villages. All this later became her inspiration and had a huge effect on her writing.

Eleanor Farjeon Work

 Her earliest publication was a volume of poems called Pan Worship which was published in the year 1908. Then later in 1916 Nursery Rhymes of London Town. When she was 14 years old she wrote Libretto for an operetta, Loretta, and the music was given by her brother Harry who was a composer. She was also working with her brother Herbert who was a dramatic critic and Shakespearian. Some of their collaborations are

  • Kings And Queens 1932
  • The Two Bouquets 1938
  • An Elephant In Arcady 1939
  • The Glass Slipper 1944

Her most notable work was the Hymn” Morning has Broken” in 1931to an old Gaelic tune that became an international hit in 1971 when Cat Stevens performed it. This Hymn reached number six on the US Billboard Hot 100, number one on the US easy listening chart in the year 1972 and no, and four on the Canadian RPM magazine charts. 

She is also a writer of People, Look East which is an old melody in French and is often performed by children’s choirs.  Eleanor Farjeon has written many poems, hymns, books, and plays for the kids. All her books had their origin in France.

There is a long list of Eleanor Farjeon publications from 1908 to 1955. Her work in the world of children is amazing. Her characters, lyrics, and imagination were widely beautiful. Her work is still the favorite of kids in this modern world. Kids are still in love with Martin Pippin.

Eleanor Farjeon’s Personal Life

Eleanor Farjeon was never married but had lots of friends. She was friends with Walter de la Mare, D.H. Lawrence, and Robert Frost. She was in a very close friendship with Edward Thomas and his spouse.

Even after Edward died Eleanor was very close to his wife Helen.  After world war one she was earning as a poet, broadcaster, and journalist. Her work was often published in Herald, Time and Tide, Punch, The New Leader, Reynolds News, and several other periodicals.

She never married but was in a relationship with George Earle who was an English teacher and they had 30 years of long relation. Earle died in the year 1949.  Then she had another long friendship with the actor Denys Balk lock.

Eleanor Farjeon’s Death and Net Worth

Eleanor Farjeon died on 5 June 1965 in Hampstead London due to old age. She is having a huge contribution to children’s literature. At the time of her death, she was having a net worth of $5 Million. 

She has left a huge amount of learning, entertainment, stories, poems, and hymns for the kids of this world. She also won many awards in her lifetime for her amazing work in kid’s literature.

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