Best James Madison Biography, Wiki, Family, Facts, Early Life

Best James Madison Biography, Wiki, Family, Facts, Early Life, James Madison was the fourth President of the USA, who made a major contribution to the agreement of the Constitution by writing The Federalist Papers with John Jay and Alexandar Hamilton. In later years, James was referred to as the ‘Father of the Constitution’ because of his critical role in drafting and promoting the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

He was an American diplomat, statesman, and Founding Father. He served as the 4th President of the USA from 1809 to 1817.

He was born into a prominent slave-owning farmer family in Virginia. James served as a member of the Continental Congress and Virginia House of Delegates after and during the American Revolutionary War.

best james madison biography
best james madison biography

Best James Madison Biography, Wiki, Family, Facts, Early Life

NameJames Madison
James Madison Date of BirthMarch 16, 1751
James Madison BirthPlacePort Conway, Virginia, British America
James Madison NationalityAmerican
James Madison HomeTownVirginia, British America
Sun SignNA
James Madison Height5 feet 4 inch or 163 cm or 1.63 m
James Madison EducationCollege of New Jersey
James Madison Marital StatusMarried
Girl FriendNA
James Madison FamilyFather:- James Madison Sr. Mother:- Eleanor Rose Conway Madison Siblings:- Francis, William, Ambrose (3 brothers)                   Nelly, Frances, and Sarah (3 sisters)
James Madison SpouseDolley Payne
James Madison ChildrenJohn Payne Todd (adopted)
James Madison ProfessionStatesman, Diplomat, and Founding Father
James Madison Net WorthNA
James Madison Social Media ProfilesFacebook ID: NA Twitter ID: NA Instagram ID: NA
James Madison Death 28 June 1836

James Madison Early Life

He was born at the house of his maternal grandmother. As the son of a leading Orange County landowner and proprietor, Madison maintained his all-time home in Virginia at Montpelier near the Blue Ridge Mountains. He rode horseback to Princeton University (College of New Jersey), appointed for its enmity to the episcopacy in 1769.

He was a naturally inquisitive and studios kid, he started his education at the house under his mother. James was the oldest of 12 kids, although only 7 would live to adulthood. As he was the eldest son of his parents, he had many privileges that would let him improve his curious mind.

A renowned Scottish teacher, Donald Robertson taught young James between the ages of 11 and 16 at his school in King and Queen County.

This is how he found a fascination for a lot of subjects including geography, mathematics, geography, and both classical and modern languages, especially Latin. He went deeply into ancient philosophy that developed a foundation for influential ideas of the future statesman.  

James Madison finished a 4-year course in 2 years, discovering time also to prove against England and to lampoon members of a conflicting literary society in ribald verse. Many young Virginians attended the College of William and Mary. But the humid and coastal clime of Virginia College was supposed to be hazardous to his health.

This is why he went northward. In the year 1771, he graduated with great scores in mathematics, classical languages, geography, rhetoric, and philosophy. But he was not satisfied only with those subjects.

This is why James Madison became the college’s first graduate student to study Hebrew and political philosophy under John Witherspoon, the university president.

His Career as a Political Crusader and Natural Diplomat 

He was not sure what to select as a vocation when he returned to Montpelier. In perception, a changeover into politics seemed unavoidable for James, who showed a keen interest in the ways governments worked especially the struggle between the Great Britain and American colonies.

James began local, as a member of the Orange County Committee of Safety in the year 1774, before getting elected to the Virginia legislature in 1776. There, he started developing ties with Jefferson.

When Jefferson became Governor of Virginia and James Madison served on the Council of the Governor, the two would work closely in the year 1779. After that, he served in the Continental Congress from 1780 to 1783, where he gained a reputation for thoroughly deliberated arguments and for carrying out multiple interests in coalitions together.

Then, he returned to Virginia to serve a 2nd term in the legislature. But he was not comfortable with the way that state governments were working.

James Madison observed state legislatures as pandering too much to the impulses of their constituents instead of taking a more holistic approach. Consequently, there was discontent in many corners of the new country.

James Madison served as the 4th President of the USA from 1809 to 1817 in office. He penned a series of 85 newspaper articles in New York that addressed issues and detailed how the Constitution would work, assisting to sway the American people in favor of the new government.

Such ‘Federalist Papers’ are still known to be some of the most pioneering political philosophies of all time.

James Madison Family and Marriage

He married Dolley Payne Todd on September 15, 1794. Her wife became a well-known figure in Washington, D.C. side by side; she helped to begin the modern image of the first lady of the US as an individual who has a leading role in the social affairs of the country. He died on June 28, 1836.

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