Beautiful Morning Essay in English

Beautiful Morning Essay in English, I live in the hills and I get to enjoy a beautiful morning every day. On hills, you always get to enjoy both sunrise and sunset without any difficulty. The morning here is no less than a dream come true. When you live in mountains you are like sitting on the top of the world from where you can have the best view of sunrise and sunset. Whenever I get up early I take a walk to get a glimpse of the beautiful rising sun.

The morning colors are so beautiful. It is a mix of yellow, red, orange, pink, purple, and blue. All these colors together make the morning so beautiful and pleasant. When the first ray of sun falls on the tall standing mountain the view is majestic.

It is said that God lives in mountains. This is why mountains are called the queen of hills, places of ditties, and many other names are given to the hill stations. In the mountains, you will get exposure to the most beautiful mornings, especially in villages.

beautiful morning essay in english
beautiful morning essay in english

Beautiful Morning Essay in English

Morning Descriptive Essay

People get up early in the mountains. There are birds chirping and flying over the trees. The chipping and their melodic rhythms are so pleasant to the ears. Then there are domestic animals out on the morning walk in herds. People who live in the metro cities can know the pain of not having such mornings. The cities have so much noise.

From the early morning to late nights roads are busy, streets are cluttered and there is nothing special about having a morning that can get them close to nature. I am fortunate to enjoy every minute in the mountains. Everything is so pure and fresh here.

Every morning is extraordinary. I have heard stories of beautiful mornings from my grandparents when they used to get up early in the morning to fetch water from nearby water bodies. The way was too long so they encountered many experiences like meeting animals which are rare to see in villages.

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Morning Scene Essay for Class 4

Mornings have always been special in my home town. Every morning gives new hope and energy to live this day with power and courage. Morning is when we get up for a new day. It should always be pleasant for humans. No matter sun is rising on a warm day in summer or the sun gets clouded by dense black clouds, every morning is better than the other.

The early morning scene is similar to a colorful painting when the dark sky turns blue. In some patches, we see clouds someday and the other day the sky is totally blue. In the morning everything is fresh and gives us a wonderful environment to start a bright day.

The entire nature is getting up from sound sleep. Slowly the world gets into its senses.  Mountains stand tall and in winters they are mesmerizing covered in snow. When the first sunray drops on a snow-covered mountain it looks majestic.

The whole nature is giving us a blessing to start the next day with charm and happiness. There are trees, waterfalls, and rivers making the scene more attractive and energetic. The rage of nature has its different colors both in the morning and at the time when the sunsets.

Morning Scene Essay for Class 2

In the morning there are fresh and cold winds blowing giving us the feel of a fresh morning. One single stroll in the forest in the early morning can give us a new life. The wind pounding at the face woke us completely. In the winters there is fog all around in the morning. Winds are wet and the fresh feel is unmatchable. 

Birds are singing their best melodies in the morning. There is music in the air and the melodies are so sweet. Everything about the morning is welcoming. The green color of nature is soaked in the morning mist. Leaves have dews on them and walking barefoot on the grass is the best medicine. I love to walk on the grass in the morning.

It relieves all my stress and makes me feel closer to nature.  In the morning everyone gets up and starts doing their job. Bees start buzzing over the flowers to collect the nectar. Birds fly away from their nest to collect food. 

Animals stroll around to gaze at grass in the meadows. Even trees get up in the morning and dance with the wind.  Human strata new day of their life. A beautiful morning is a blessing and if we live in places that are full of nature mornings are never boring or dull.  I can say this because every morning I witness something special, close to nature, and a blessing.

Describe Morning Scene

Every day I get up early before sunrise so that I can see it rise from my own eyes. My native place is a village and this is why I have a habit of waking up early. The morning scene charges some up and gives some strength to start a new day with hope.

I think it’s important for everyone to be close to nature. A good start every morning can help us live a happy and long life. The glitzy sight of nature can turn a bad mood into good. The melodies of birds in the early morning when reaches your eyes your lips start smiling. Nature in the morning is calming and soothing. It can secrete happy hormones and bless us with a healthy life.

All those who wish to enjoy a beautiful morning must get up early. It is the time when we’re in the best state. Even our body flourishes and stays healthy if we get up early in the morning. A view of the rising sun is a great way to strata day.

For a happy, healthy, and beautiful life sight of a beautiful morning is important. Everyone in my family gets up early and we all are healthy and full of strength. I wish everyone gets a chance to witness a beautiful morning in the lap of Mother Nature. We all deserve treats of nature.

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