An Hour At Railway Station Essay in English

An Hour At Railway Station Essay In English, We have different modes of transportation in India. But the most popular one is rail mode. Many people prefer choosing Indian railways for moving from one place to another. Trains are preferred when it comes to long distances. I personally prefer Indian railways for reaching my destinations in the whole country. This is why I visit railway stations regularly.

The Indian railway is one of the largest in the entire world. When we visit a railway station, we see the entire world in itself. It has its own set of problems, delays, line accidents, manpower shortage, space shortage, and many others.

An Hour At Railway Station Essay in English
An Hour At Railway Station Essay in English

An Hour At Railway Station Essay in English

Scene At The Railway Station Essay For Class 4

A railway station is itself an interesting and busy place with different things happenings in surroundings. The railway station appears to be a place from where the trains come and go.

The largest network of railway stations in India is spread through the length and breadth of the nation. In India, most of the major metropolitan and small cities and towns are connected with each other. Some villages in India come in the way of rail. This is how the villages are linked to the movement through trains.

200 Words Essay on a Visit to a Railway Station

I visited the New Delhi railway station a week ago. It was looking like a human museum or a fair of different human faces. This time, I did not go to a railway station for boarding a train. I had to see off my friend, who was going to Bombay. We reached the railway station half an hour earlier than the train’s arrival time.

I saw a long queue of people in front of the ticket booking office window. They were standing in a queue to buy tickets for their destinations and they had to wait. When the window opened, they pushed one another. This made an old woman fall. There was a policeman at a railway station who came to her and helped her.

He saved her from being crushed. He bought a ticket for that old lady. My friend was also standing there. When his turn came, he bought a ticket for him and after that, we both approached the platform.

I was surprised to see a huge crowd of people at the platform as well. There was a hotchpotch situation at that time. The coolies were carrying a lot of luggage of different passengers. At the platform, there was a huge number of passengers who were waiting for a train to arrive so that they could board it.

Some were standing while others were sitting on the benches and having a conversation with other people. There were villagers too, who were sitting on the floor, or their trunks or boxes. All of them were looking in the direction of the train.

A Scene At Railway Station

As we all know there is a signal at a railway station that helps people to get notified of the train delay or arrival, at that time, I saw the distant signal. When it turned yellow, people who were present at that platform felt happy as their wait was going to be over soon. They knew that their train would arrive shortly.

As soon as they got a view of the engine, they got ready. I also asked my friend to get ready. All people stood up. With the news of the train’s arrival, there was a movement on the platform. What I saw was surprising for me that some people put their bundles on their heads, while others held them under their pits.

Of course, some passengers hired coolies to carry their luggage. Women caught hold of the arms of their kids. When the arrival of the train happened, all got prepared because they had to get their seats. When the train stopped, the passengers who were already on the train had to get down, they opened the doors of a train.

There was a great tussle between passengers because some wanted to get down while others had to get into the compartment, they were trying to do so. After a little discussion, the outgoing passengers got their way by the in-going passengers.

Seats were available only for a few passengers. Passengers who got in obtained seats while others had to stand. Still, some people were running up and down the platform to get the room for themselves. When they were unable to get a room in the compartments, they hold the handles outside some carriages and stood on the footboards.

Luckily, my friend got his seat because he had a reserved ticket. So, it was a big relief for him. My friend boarded the train and I said goodbye to him and got down from the train.

I also observed members of the station staff, who were looking busy in performing their duties. There was also a ticket collector at the gate, who collected tickets and checked them. The hawkers went up and down with their stuff to sell. All were busy. After 5 minutes, the train’s engine gave a long whistle and left the platform.

After the train left, the crowd just went away. The hawkers started moving to other platforms. They stopped their screaming. The staff at a railway station retired to their rooms. The platform turned out to be dull. There were tea shops and other shops available, where people were standing and enjoying while having tea or snacks.

Also, some people were standing and reading newspapers or magazines. The entire scene of the railway station was looking busy as everyone was into their own chores. I came out of the railway station and took my car to get back to my home.

I spent around one hour at the railway station and in this one hour, I realized the hustle-bustle situation of the railway station. I found that the scene I came across, repeats itself every time a train arrives and departs. Life outside and inside the railway station is constantly moving. It was a great experience for me to spend some time living some enjoyable moments at a railway station.

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