Adoniram Judson Biography, Wikipedia, Family, Spouse, Death

Adoniram Judson Biography, Wikipedia, Family, Spouse, Death, Adoniram Judson is known as a Missionary to Burma who was born on 9 August 1788 and lived till 12 April 1850. He was later a missionary who served in Burma. His mission and work in Burma led to the first Baptist association in America with Luther Rice. He was 1st protestant missionary to Burma. Adoniram Judson translated Bible into the language Burmese and established many Baptist churches in Burma.

adoniram judson biography
adoniram judson biography

Adoniram Judson Biography, Wikipedia, Family, Spouse, Death

NameAdoniram Judson
Adoniram Judson Birthday9 August 1788
BirthplaceAdoniram Judson Parents: Father: Adoniram Judson Sr. Mother: Abigail Sibling(s):-
Adoniram Judson NationalityAmerican
Adoniram Judson HometownMalden, Massachusetts
Sun SignNot Known
Adoniram Judson Height5 Feet 6Inches 
Weight56 Kilograms
HobbiesNot Known 
Adoniram Judson EducationBrown University  and over Theological Seminary 
QualificationUniversity Graduate
Marital StatusMarried
Boy Friend/ Girl FriendNone
Adoniram Judson FamilyAdoniram Judson Parents: Father:Adoniram Judson Sr. Mother: Abigail Sibling(s):-
Adoniram Judson SpouseAnn Hasseltine 1812-26 Sarah Hall Boardman 1834-26 Emily Chubbuck  1846-50
Children13 Kids
ProfessionAuthor & Writer 
Adoniram Judson Net Worth Missionary  to Burma
Adoniram Judson Death 12 April 1850 ( 61yrs)

Adoniram Judson Legacy

By the time of Adoniram Judson’s death, he completed the translation of the Bible into Burmese and his Burmese-English dictionary was half complete. At that time there were a hundred churches and around eight thousand believers.

Every grammar and dictionary written in Burma in the past two centuries is completely based on the originals which were created by Adoniram Judson. For the Protestant missionaries, Adoniram Judson was a symbol of the supremacy of bible translation. Bible has been translated uncountable times into Burmese however; Adoniram Judson’s translation is the most popular version in Myanmar. 

In July Baptist churches located in Myanmar also celebrate “Judson Day”. There is a Judson church n the campus of Yangon University in his honor. In 1920 a college was also built by his name Judson College. There is an American university that was founded in Elgin. His published works include

  • A Burmese-English dictionary
  • Burmese bible
  • A Burmese grammar
  • Two hymns; our father, God, Who art in Heaven and Come Holy Spirit, Dove Divine

The Early Life of Adoniram Judson Wikipedia

Adoniram Judson was born in Malden, Middlesex County on 9 August 1788. His father was Adoniram Judson Sr. Who was a congregational mister and his mother was Abigail.  Adoniram Judson had a brilliant mind. He first attended the College of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations when he was just 16 years old. 

When he was 19 he was a graduated valedictorian. When he was in college met Jacob Eames who was a skeptic and deist. Both the young man had a great friendship. Judson was impressed with the French philosophies. Once he graduated he opened a school and even wrote mathematics and English grammar textbooks for girls. 

Adoniram Judson was heartbroken when his beloved friend got ill and died. Both the friends were staying in separate rooms in the same inn. Jacob was ill and Judson even heard his throes next door but was unaware of his identity. The next morning Adoniram Judson got the news which completely led him to shock. 

Adoniram Judson was attending Andover Theological Seminary. Adoniram Judson is dedicated to devoting itself to God. When he was in the final year of his college he decided to pursue his career as a missionary. He also joined a group that used to call themselves “The Brethren”. They all established the first missionary society in America.

Adoniram Judson’s Marriage and Kids

Adoniram Judson was married to Ann Hasseltine on 5th February 1812. He was appointed as a missionary to the East by the American Board of Commissioners for foreign missions. Then the next day of his marriage with Ann he was intended at the Tabernacle Church in Salem.  Adoniram Judson was married three times.

He also married Sarah Hall Boardman and Emily Chubbuck. Adoniram Judson had thirteen kids among them two were stillborn. Some of the kids’ names are Charles Judson, Henry, Emily, Adoniram Judson Jr, and Roger Williams are names of his kids. Adoniram Judson was having a huge family and many boys and girls from his three wives.

Missionaries in Burma

Adoniram Judson went on to voyage along with his wife and others and reached his destination Burma after dealing with challenges. Adoniram Judson had knowledge of Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. He started studying Burmese grammar and within three years he was able to speak fluently he was determined and also had the help of a tutor.

He used to spend 12 hrs every day studying Burmese. Adoniram Judson did a huge amount of hard work as a missionary. There were very few believers at that time but Adoniram Judson’s contribution is also the reason devotees increased. 

Adoniram Judson had to face some challenges but he never backed out from the challenges. Adoniram Judson is a name that we still see in history in the golden words. Adoniram Judson died at the age of 61 on 21 April 1850 at sea in the Bay of Bengal.

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