A Visit to Taj Mahal Essay in English

a visit to taj mahal essay in english, Our India is a house of marvelous architecture and among them, we also have the wonder of the world which is the Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal is unique in many ways but the most important it is as beautiful as a dream can be. You will not find any such building anywhere else in the world. Millions of people nationally and from foreign come to visit this majestic building.  It is having captivating beauty and I am lucky to have its glimpse with my own eyes.

Last year on vacation my parents especially planned a trip to Agra just to observe this marvel from our own eyes. It was an amazing experience. I never wanted to leave because I was spellbound. If one visiting Agra but not going to see the Taj Mahal I consider them unlucky.

It is a majestic architecture made of white marble and inside we have a grave of Mumtaj Mahal and Shah Jahan.

a visit to taj mahal essay in english
a visit to taj mahal essay in english

A Visit to Taj Mahal Essay in English

My Visit to Taj Mahal Essay in English

Taj Mahal was built when the Mughals used to rule the lands of India and it is the most recognized landmark of our nation. In fact, I would say that it is proud of our country.  I am blessed that I don’t have to book an international flight to see this magnificent architecture. It is in my country and whenever I wish to wonder about its exquisite beauty I can easily.

Taj Mahal is considered a symbol of love because the Mughals king Shah Jahan built it in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaj Mahal. It reminds us how beautiful and powerful love is. Taj Mahal is going to stand for eternity reflecting the power of love.

It is said that Mumtaj Mahal died while giving birth to a child. Shah Jahan appointed the finest artists from around the world to construct this marvel. He devoted the Taj Mahal to the memory of his wife. It was his wish to create something that would remind humanity about his love for his beloved wife and thus today we see the Taj Mahal as a landmark.

Where are we going to find this type of devotion in love in today’s time? This is why it is so special. Both the king and queen are lying in their graves next to each other.

This is love and this touched me to the core of my heart. I believe this is the feeling the king had. He wanted everyone to have this message of love. Even the rudest person is going to melt seeing the Taj Mahal with his own eyes and this is the power of the Taj Mahal.

Its sight can instantly generate a feeling of unconditional love. I felt this way when I first saw the Taj Mahal before my eyes. It was like magic because this building is extremely beautiful and it is hard to explain in words.

In the year 1983, UNESCO designated the Taj Mahal as a world heritage site which was a well-appreciated gesture because every Indian has a special place for the Taj Mahal in their hearts. It is believed that it took 22 years to construct the Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal is situated at the banks of Yamuna River making it more majestic.

When I saw its reflection in the water it was a magical sight. There are many beautiful cypress trees, green lawns, and flowers grown in front of the building.  Nature adds to its beauty. Taj Mahal is built using pure marble. There are 4 miners around the main building. To admire its complete beauty I stood at a distance because from there I got a complete view of it. 

From a distance, it looks like a delicate and small architecture but we all know how solid marble is. When I entered the building I was amazed to see how vast this tomb and miners are. Minors touch the sky and when I stood in the middle it looked like a dreamy place like in stories of magic and fairies. There is a terrace on which the entire building is constructed. 

Essay on Taj Mahal in English for Class 7

After climbing a few stairs I reached the Taj Mahal where there are 4 towers. Another amazing and unbelievable thing that I saw was the artwork on the pillars, on the tomb, and around the building. There are verses from the Quran written on the 3 sides of the gate. It totally shook me because I can’t imagine how this artwork was crafted when there was no technology.

I salute the artists of that time because it is a challenge to find artists in the 21st century with such accuracy and creativity. The skills I saw on the marble of the Taj Mahal were unbelievable to my eyes. There are two tombs inside the building with graves in each of them. The real graves of the king and queen are located downstairs.

There are Quran verses crafted on the tombs of the Shah Jahan and Mumtaj Mahal. There is mosaic work all around. It is clearly visible the hard work and skills of the artist of that time. For twenty years those laborers were working so that one day we can have sight of it and think how unbelievable it can be.

The king had spent a fortune building this monument for his love. No matter it is daytime or night time the sight of the Taj Mahal has unmatched beauty.  At night when moonlight touches the marble, the Taj Mahal makes it more magical. It totally lights up the building and even from far away, we can see the light reflecting from the marble.

Taj Mahal is a piece of art and I bet no matter how advanced we get it is impossible for humans to craft something like that. Taj Mahal is our pride and I wish it stands there for eternity. People who visit the Taj Mahal every year must respect this marvel and keep it preserved like their own feeling. I wish to visit the Taj Mahal once again. I hope my wish come true soon.

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